Car Hire with child seats


For your child’s safety and comfort you must hire your car with a child seat corresponding to the child’s age. At BeSmart we offer 4 different child seats to cover the various age groups. You must comply with European Law and use the appropriate child restraint.

Children with a height of 1,35 m or less must travel in the rear of the vehicle and use the appropriate child seat. There are only 3 exceptions to this law:
  1. If the car is a two seater
  2. If the back seats are already occupied with other children using their respective child seats.
  3. If it is not possible to install all the seats required.

The Traffic Police authorities recommends the use of the appropriate child restraint applicable to a child’s weight and height until they reach 150cm. Over this height the vehicle seat belt must be used. On the BeSmart website you will be able to find the appropriate child restraint for your child’s safety which comply with the current legislation, ensuring maximum safety for all children.

Useful advice for travelling with children:
  1. Ensure your child seat is fitted correctly before commencing your journey
  2. Never place a rear-facing baby seat on a front passenger seat equipped with an airbag
  3. Never leave your child alone inside the car
  4. Always use the child-locks on rear doors of your vehicle
  5. Always travel with adequate liquids for children - water, juices, etc.

All of our baby/child seats can be requested at time of booking online but you can also request one at the counter subject to availability.

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