Terms of Service

Terms of Service
You can complete your booking either electronically or by phone. In case of electronic booking please fill in your data on the online form of our homepage. The booking confirmation will then be also made electronically. Last minute bookings (48 hours before the vehicle is delivered) are only made by phone. All bookings refer exclusively to one Category and not to a specific car model.
The tenant is obliged to inform BeSmart at least two days before the expiry of the rental contract in case of a desired extension of the rental period. This will be only accepted in case of availability and after mutual agreement on means of payment. If the car is not returned at the fixed date and time as agreed at the rental contract, BeSmart itself will collect the car from the place located at the expense of the tenant. In case that the tenant returns the car earlier than agreed, the rental price will not be reduced.

The lessee is required to inform the company at least 10 days in advance so that the amount of the advance can be recovered. In case of inappropriate information, the rent is not refunded. Also, the rent is not refunded upon receipt.

Replacement of the car after damage or accident occurs within 72 hours.

The cars are delivered and returned at the customer's request at the airport of Thessaloniki free of charge. For deliveries and returns to the city's center, to the Railway Station (OSE) and to Bus Stations of Thessaloniki (KTEL) there will be a charge of 10,00€. For all other points there will be charge upon agreement. Deliveries and returns between 21:00 and 08:00 will be charged with 20,00€. Deliveries and returns on Sundays will be charged with 10,00€. Deliveries and returns on holidays will be charged with 15,00€. The renter received the said vehicle in good condition and, after ascertaining that in meets his entire satisfaction and has a tank, he acknowledges his liability to return it in the same condition, with a tank bearing the cost of the gasoline consumed during rental and keys.

Driver's minimum age is 23 years old.

The maximum age of the tenant is 67 years.

Every renter must have a European or an international driving license with a date of issue at least one year.
The tenants of BeSmart are insured against fire and against physical damage caused by others.

    For categories A, Β, C is € 600.00
    For category D is € 800.00
    For category F (7 seats) is 1000,00€
    For category G (9 seats) is 1200,00€

In case of an accident at the fault of the customer, he is obliged to pay the sum corresponding to the category in which belongs the rented car. If the damage is higher than that, BeSmart will bear the additional costs. The insurance which includes the renter's responsibility is included in our price list, so it is free of charge to all our customers.

The renter is exempt from responsibility of any damage. This insurance is optional and costs 7,00€ per day for categories A, B, C, D. For category F costs 8,00€ per day and for category G 10,00€ per day.

In case of an accident the tenant is obliged to immediately inform BeSmart, otherwise no damage will be recognised by BeSmart and the tenant will have to bear the full amount of the damage himself even if he has chosen the full insurance Vollkasko-WUG.

1) The said vehicle is forbidden to be used: a) for any illegal transport of items or gods or for any purpose violating the Greek and E.U. laws in force, including the Traffic Regulation Code, b) to carry passengers or property for a consideration express or implied, c) to propel or tow any trailer vehicle, d) by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs, e) in motor events (including racing).

2) The renter has the full liability for all lines and court costs for parking, traffic or other violation assessed against said vehicle during the period of the rental agreement.

3) The renter has the full liability for damages caused to the said vehicle at any rate and regardless of whether is any insurance or client’s acceptance of the Collision Damage Waiver in the following cases: in the damages are caused to the underside.

4) The lessee is obliged to pay in case of damage or loss of the car keys.

Our published price list on our homepage includes 24% VAT.
The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel as it was received. Otherwise, the customer will be charged for his feedback. If the tank level is higher when the car is returned there will be no refund.

The child seats is provided free of charge only after booking.

BeSmart reserves the right to change the car model in special cases.
It is strictly forbidden to drive the cars of BeSmart outside the greek borders.
It is forbidden to load rented cars on board without the written consent of BeSmart.

Account Transfer

Snow chains are available only after booking. The cost of charge is 20,00€.

GPS is available only after booking and is charged with 4,00€ per day.

N 2472/1997 Our company states that any personal data at its disposal, will be used solely to serve and communicate with you in any case will not be used for any other purpose, nor given to third parties. The My Car fully respects the confidentiality of such data and adheres to the data protection authorities.

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